Computer Repair Service – Highwood, IL 60040


Computer Repair Services Highwood, IL 60040

If you’re looking for excellent computer repair service in Highwood, IL and a people-friendly approach, then you’ve come to the right place. At Engle Computer Service, our ultimate goal is to serve you and make your experience with us a pleasant one. We understand that you rely on your computer, and that you need it fixed quickly and efficiently. That’s why we go out of our way to provide the timely repairs you deserve.

When something goes wrong with your system, we are available to come out to your home or office in Highwood, IL the same day! When you call, we can usually determine what is wrong and give you a comprehensive quote right over the phone before we even come out because we believe in taking the guesswork out of your computer repairs. We have training and experience to fix all of your PC & Mac problems whether it be a laptop or desktop computer!

Computer Repair Services We Offer In Highwood, IL 60040


On-Site Computer Repair Service Highwood, IL – We firmly believe on-site is the best way to service computers. Because we diagnose the system on-site, in its own environment where everything is connected, we can analyze the system more accurately. But if your system does need to be repaired at the shop, there is no additional charge for pick up or delivery and your computer is returned to you in most cases, within 48 hrs!

Remote Computer Repair Service Highwood, IL – Most computer issues are software related and can be fixed remotely. This means as long as your computer starts up and has an active internet connection we can take control of your computer and resolve the problems for you. Whether you need a virus removed or a computer tuned up, we can help!

Virus Removal Highwood, IL – One of the most common services we provide is virus & malware removal. Windows based operating systems are most susceptible to trojans, malware, spyware, pop-ups, PUPs, and web browser infections.

Data Backup & Recovery Highwood, IL – Most computer users don’t realize their data can be lost at any time. Without keeping a backup of your files you risk losing your data forever. Don’t wait till it’s too late, schedule backups frequently to ensure your documents, pictures, music, and other files are safe. If the hard drive is not readable we also offer high level recovery solutions.

Hardware Repair & Upgrades Highwood, IL – Thinking about upgrading your hardware? Let us come to you and double or triple the speed of your computer! We also perform most hardware fixes including cracked LCD screen, hard drive, and motherboard replacement.

Software Installations & Upgrades Highwood, IL – Wanna check out Windows 8? Call us today and let us install and update all of your software!

Antivirus & Internet Security Highwood, IL – Protect your precious files and computer with the latest anti-virus. Internet problems are common when a virus has attacked your computer. We can set up high level security and a safe protection plan.

Home & Business Networking Highwood, IL – Connect to the internet today!!! Whether it be for your home or office, we can handle all of your networking needs… We can setup a file server and share files over your network.

Web Design Highwood, IL – Have us build or develop a website for your business today! We can manage social media, perform search engine optimization, keep your website up to date, and more!

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