Windows 10 is here!!


Windows 10 ExampleWindows 10 has officially been released yesterday. There are some new cool features that combine the strengths of Windows 7 and Windows 8 including bringing back the start menu. They’ve come out with a new internet browser called “Microsoft Edge” that allows you to take notes on top of web pages. They’ve also integrated built in apps including maps, mail, OneDrive, and more.  For a full list of features go here:

Windows 10 Features

How To Get Windows 10

And the best part about it, the Windows 10 upgrade is FREE to those who already have Windows 7 or Windows 8. You just have to click the small windows icon that should pop up in your task bar (shown in image). For more information on how to get Windows 10 click the link below

How To Upgrade To Windows 10


It is always a good idea to backup your important files any time you do any major updates to your operating system. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance in upgrading to Windows 10. We can make the transition a smooth one.

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