Basic Computer Training – Lake County, IL

Basic Computer Training Lake County, ILWe Offer Basic Computer Training to those who may need it in the Lake County, IL area. Some users may or may not know how to fully operate their PC to the fullest potential. We can help you better understand your system so you can easily navigate throughout your computer. We can teach users how to access their email, use Microsoft Office (such as Word & Excel), operate Quickbooks,  and much more!

Windows 10 Training – With all the new updates in Windows 8 many users do not understand how it all works. They have now included a “Start Screen” that replaces the traditional start menu. We’ve found most users do not like or agree with this change. We can configure your operating system to bring back the much missed start menu similar to previous Windows operating systems. We can also train you on the new additions that come with Windows 8.

Email Training & Configurations – We can help you access your email or configure it to work with popular programs such as Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Office Training – We can assist you in learning how to create documents in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, & more. With newer versions of Office some users get frustrated because they can’t find certain features they were accustomed to.

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