Data Backup & Recovery Services – Lake County, IL


Data Backup & Recovery ServiceWe offer data backup and recovery services for the Lake County, Illinois area. Data loss can be scary!  Nobody wants to lose their valuable pictures, documents, music, videos, or other content stored on their computers. With traditional hard drives there are moving parts including a platter that is constantly spinning while your computer is running. If you do not continuously create backups of your information you risk losing it forever! Do not wait until it is too late! We can set you up with a automatic data backup plan to ensure this does not happen to you. We also offer data backups before we work on any computer system. Viruses and malware can sometimes cause data to become corrupted making it unreadable. In the event that we have to re-install Windows we recommend backing up all information to ensure none of it gets lost.

Did your hard drive already fail? If so, we offer high level data recovery solutions. We have a data recovery expert that can remove the disk from your hard drive and manually retrieve your data. We use state of the art lab equipment in a dust free state that will allow us to salvage data on a failed hard drive. In some cases we can also get back formatted or corrupted data that has been erased by accident.

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