Computer Hardware Repair & Upgrades – Lake County, IL


Computer-Hardware -Repair-UpgradesHardware Repair & Upgrades are common computer services we provide. If your computer is not booting, your hard drive is failing, or you’ve accidentally cracked your LCD screen you have come to the right place! Competitors can take up to 4 weeks to get your repairs done. We often order parts and have your computer working again within 3-5 business days. If we have your parts in stock we may even be able to have your computer done by the next business day!

Hard Drives – Replace, upgrade, or add a hard drive.

LCD Screen Replacement – Replace cracked LCD screens on your laptop computer. We can also replace screens that have dead pixels.

Power Jack Replacement – If your computer has trouble charging you may need a new power jack. We can solder a new power jack to your motherboard.

Motherboard Replacement – When a computer won’t boot up or turn on at all, this is a sure sign of motherboard failure. Sometimes we can replace the motherboard for cheaper than what a new computer would cost.

Video Cards – SEE what you’ve been missing. Enhance your PC game play and video quality!

Sound Cards – Hear the Finest that Audio can offer!

Memory – RAM can speed up your Computer so much that you won’t think it’s the same machine!

Monitors – Tired of Squinting to see whats on the screen? Get the one you really want. Like a 32″ Flat Screen!

External Drives – Backup your system automatically. Stop worrying about when you backed up your data last.

Wireless Keyboard/Mouse – Go wireless, kick back, and relax…

Printers – Save yourself a trip to the photo store, and get a quality printer installed.

DVD R/RW Drive – Watch movies, burn movies, and did you know you can fit almost 5 Gigs onto a DVD RW. That’s nine hours of music, 4,700 photos, or 400,000 documents!

Bluetooths, Cell Phones, & iPods – Keep up with the new technology and let us connect these devices for you and more.

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