Home Theater Setup & Installations


Home Theater Setup & InstallationWe offer home theater setups & installations at a price you can afford. We can assist you in installing and configuring your new TV’s, Projectors, Game Systems and Surround Sound Systems. Lets face it, who wants to sit in a sticky, old, theater with someone’s kid kicking the back of your seat while his or her mother talks on the cell phone? And at the prices being charged for tickets these days, not to mention popcorn, pop, and snacks, it adds up quick! But now the with the cost of Plasma, LED, and LCD TV displays coming down it only makes sense to invest in your own home theater system! With services like Netflix, Hulu, & Amazon many people are opting out of traditional movie settings and investing in their own home theater systems.

Enhance Your Home Theater Experience


TV Installation Services – We can help transport, mount, and configure your brand new smart television. With new technology, TV’s are essentially becoming more like desktop computers with streaming, browsing, and networking capabilities.

Game Systems Installations – We can help you configure your new Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Wii-U gaming systems. We aid you in setting up content streaming, connecting them to the internet, and more.

Surround Sound Systems – We are able to install surround sound systems to ensure optimal sound and performance. We can wire, mount, and calibrate speakers as well as configure amplifier settings.

Universal Controllers – Setup and program a universal remote for an all-in-one solution to your home theater devices.

Power Surge Protectors – Why invest all that money in a home theater system and not protect it? We will recommend and install power surge protectors & battery backups to ensure your equipment isn’t susceptible to power current surges.

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